magnum size bottle al sur wines

Indeed, the size of the bottle has an influence on the conservation of the wine. The fundamental reasons are the impact that size produces on the oxygenation and temperature of the wine. So a Magnum size bottle can have greater conservation benefits than a standard size.

Why are the bottles made of glass?

Glass is a material that compared to other containers (for example plastic), is less porous. If the bottle were very porous, excessive oxygenation of the wine and the entry of undesirable odors would occur. In addition, the glass is neutral: it has no element that chemically interacts with the wine.

Magnum Size Vs Standard Size

If we compare a Magnum bottle (1.5 liters) with a standard (0.75 liters). Both have the same amount of oxygen but in the case of the Magnum, the content is the double. Therefore it has half oxygen. The variation of temperature affects less in a Magnum bottle and also prolongs its longevity.

The wine evolves better in a larger bottle, the size of the Magnum bottle allows the “rounding” process of the wine to be longer and more rested than in a small bottle producing a higher quality result.

The Bouquet of a Magnum Size Bottle

Another advantage can be given at the table. It is better to open and drink a magnum bottle than two standard bottles. The wine is changing and usually improving a bit as time goes by since it opens. When we open the second small bottle, we notice the change of bouquet, flavor, aromas… With a magnum bottle we avoid it.

Do you dare to buy two standard size bottles and a magnum size of a good wine, to do the test? Tell us 😉

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